June 2013

In-Person Game and Nerves

I have had a break from the in-player game now for two weeks after taking the advice of several readers when we had a bad night.  The advice I received […]

Edge of Space and Incident at Intrepid Station covers

The first game I ran at L.U.G.Con was +matt jackson‘s little hit, Edge of Space.  I had bought a paper copy while they still existed earlier this year and was fascinated […]

The 100th Blog

Hi all.  This is a milestone in that it is my 100th blog.  I wanted to make this one special which is largely why I stopped putting up all my […]

It is Earthdawn Appreciation Day!  +R.S. Tilton ‘s brain wave.  In fact it is almost over in Australia but as I have been tied up with LUGCon gaming goodness I have […]