July 2013

About three months ago I was talking to someone about the game I am making and how I want the players to feel when they were playing it.  What experience […]

Configuring the Eidolon

As many readers would know, the one game that I play in currently is the anniversary edition of Rise of the Runelords for Pathfinder.  And those that know that are […]

A Call Out For Blog Writers

Hi all.  As many of you would know I work full time as a teacher along with writing for my blog.  Not only that I run three games and participate […]

Totally in my Element

Last night’s game of Rise of the Runelords run by +Cam Mcloughlin had me perfectly in my element.  We headed to Foxglove Manor and found ourselves in the middle of a haunted […]

The Dragon Post

Spoiler AlertIf you watch the video of my Reign of Winter Campaign and you have not yet caught up to episode 18 of the game, perhaps you should rethink reading […]