September 2013

Take the Initiative!

I have played in a lot of different style games over my time and each uses a different style of determining who goes first in a combat.  I have to […]

I Want To Start a Conversation

Hi all, as I am running the Demolished Ones tonight and will put it through the blog I thought todays effort from me would be to start a conversation.  I want […]

Shadowrun and the Matrix

I am going to preface this with saying I played Shadowrun mostly through first and second edition.  I did play I think three games recently in fourth edition but I […]

What I Love in Sci-Fi Games

I run a Traveller game every fortnight and have played in a fair few sci-fi games such as Star Wars, MegaTraveller and Mechwarrior. I thought I might lay down here […]

It Is Time To Get Their Pirate On!

Getting kitted up for the game tonight. Tonight for the first time the players will be sailing out onto the oceans of Golarion in a fully repaired and squibbed ship […]

The game starts just after 8 P.M. Australian Eastern Standard Time, or watch it via video link at a later date!