October 2013

Free Game Review: Lady Blackbird

Have you heard about Lady Blackbird?  I know I hadn’t until a fine fellow gamer by the name of +Stuart McDermid pointed it out to me as the best free game out […]

Framing a Story Arc

A games master (GM) is responsible for a lot of things and  but at the heart of everything else is the role of framing and presenting a story arc that […]

Twists in Games

Every one loves a good twist in a story.  Think of the way that you reacted to Sixth Sense and Fight Club.  Movies that model the twist really well stick […]

Giants and Were Sharks Abound!

We hit the Skull and Shackles campaign last night again.  It is still nicely in “sandbox” mode so the players are calling the punches and I am just throwing them! […]