June 2014

Craig Judd's Goal Based Scenarios

Hi all!  Mark from the Pathfinder Chronicles here to say today and tomorrow my Blog is being taken over by +Craig Judd who has supplied me with some of his material for […]

The Spell: Blindness/Deafness

OK, I had a situation on Tuesday night’s Pathfinder game (which almost ended as a TPK) where the Necromancer of the party succeeded at casting the Blindness/Deafness spell on a […]

Intelligent Items

What makes an item intelligent?  Where does the voice of a talking sword come from?  That enchanted wand that whispers sweet nothings into the ear of a wizard or even […]

American Gothic the TV Show

When I was in my early 20’s there was a TV show starring Garry Cole and Lucas Black that was centred around a southern American town and an evil (probably […]

Planning to be Flexible

One of the most daunting things that new GM’s have to come to terms with is the ability to handle the unexpected little things (or huge things) that the players […]