August 2014

Diagram of adventure writing

Jason Paul McCartan at OSR Today wrote a short link to an article from a site called RPG Knights that alleges to give advice for how to design adventures. Unfortunately, it’s really […]

Si Corniuk with his parents

As some of you may be aware, one of the writers and administrators (Cameron Corniuk) here at RPG Knights has been dealing with a terminally ill child Siberius Corniuk.  His […]

Diagram of adventure writing

Adventure writing can be very fun.  It can also be very laborious.  Sometimes it is both!  One thing that I have noticed in my reading of Role Playing Games (RPG) […]

Knights' Fables is away

It is about time that I announce my love again publicly for role-playing without the random element involved.  I am making a stand that next year I will only be […]

GM Burnout read the basic GM advice again

Well, another comment on my Google+ post leads to another spin off post.  Saul Morales mentioned that my post yesterday about bringing my Pathfinder Mojo back sounded a bit like […]

Pathfinder: Got the Mojo Back

I have recently been a little disappointed with my Pathfinder games.  I have treated them a little like a chore that I have to do but do not enjoy and […]

Cover of Frozen Stars

The players are literally dancing through this module and gaining some awesome momentum.  Come check out tonights game online after 8 P.M. Australian Eastern Standard Time or watch it via […]