August 2014

Cover of the Pathfinder Advanced Players Guide. I must Reward the players

In my post talking about character death a couple of days ago Björn Jagnow left a pertinent comment on my Google+ posting of this that got me to thinking.  He […]

Cover of Little Black Book 1 from Classic Traveller

The fourth instalment in this years 6 part game that I am running.  Having liberated two rather unusual aliens the players seek to get off the asteroid and get them […]

Image of mounted miniature used by my daughter in games

Death is a topic that is generally covered in the Games Master (GM) sections of the system.  I can’t remember a published system that does not in some way address […]

woman looking at soup of mosters

I recently had occasion to build a critter in Pathfinder.  I figured that this would be a pretty straight forward process.  I had a clear concept for the creature, what it […]

Child sitting in their own imagination

Tabletop Role Playing Games (RPG) occur in the mind.  Sure, there are dice and pencils, character sheets and players but the action that is described is meant to ignite our […]

5th Edition DnD Starter Set box image

I ran two games of DnD 5th Edition yesterday.  It was my first time running the system after I procured the Starter Set for the new edition.  I ran a game […]