September 2015

Painting of city split by canyon

A quick charge on a group of unknowns leads to an interesting dialogue which then sees the group in a deathly struggle against Dark Elves.  They win, but at what […]

Unfortunately, and very depressingly, my dream of running a Friendly Local Game Store is dead.  The previously mentioned Mind Games is only two weeks from opening in Burnie.  Hence it […]

Creatures whispering in a girls ear

Do you ever hear the voices?  The ones that speak inside your head.  They use your voice but you know that it is not you that are talking?  Or is […]

Games On Board Logo

It was going to be a State of the Nation address as it feels that important to me but I reigned myself in.  For transparency and also a bit of […]

Custom background running in Fantasy Grounds

Had some serious issues with the IT last night.  One player could not access my server, another had intermittent connection issues all night and another player also had minor connection […]

Promo for Demon Stones

Who wants to play-test a product I have coming out for Pathfinder for me? Said Glynn of Monkeyblood Design.  You may or may not know him – if you are […]

google Plus post

Sometimes “yes, and” or “yes, but”.  I had the absolute pleasure of listening to an actual play of Star Wars d6 RPG the other day that is on RPG Gamer […]

miniatures on the boat

Last night saw the last session of the Tempest Rising which finishes with the ship race the Free Captain’s Regatta.  I was seriously impressed with the game last night.  The […]