Era The Consortium rule book front cover

I am pretty excited to saythat I am finally running a game of Era the Consortium.  The game has sold out in store and there is a keen group that […]

dungeon world

I am releasing this post that I wrote a few weeks ago as I thought the computer had lost it and the post I am soon to relate to refers […]


I love my cyberpunk.  But I really do not think that games have done it brilliantly.  Lots of people love Cyberpunk 2020 but not I.  The system just did not […]


So, I am in a quandry.  I am now getting more gaming than you could possibly poke a stick at but I need to play to the markets whims.  That […]

Shades of Vengeance Next Era

It is not all that long ago that I reviewed Era: The Consortium and loved it.  I can now say that I am an official stocker (the only one in […]

Star Wars Logo

Wow, where does all the time go in a day?  I know that I have not been posting as much as I normally do, but to be fair I never […]