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Cover of Shadowrun module Queen Euphoria

Hi all.  Due to the Australian game designer series I have not really had the time to be able to give an update for this game recently.  Due to sickness […]

Man with sword facing woman with gun

Third game of Shadowrun for face to face group saw us down to three players due to one having to go away to some sunny resort or something.  The group […]

Image of a beach in Grenada

A couple of nights ago we broke out Shadowrun again.  It was the follow up to the previous write up I did and in this one I did a bit […]

The Wisdom of Shadowrun

Some of you that follow my Google+ page antics may have noticed that as I took a month (and a bit) off of blogging I got bitten by the Shadowrun […]

Shadowrun and the Matrix

I am going to preface this with saying I played Shadowrun mostly through first and second edition.  I did play I think three games recently in fourth edition but I […]


The first time that I felt I was playing something truly unique was probably when I started playing Earthdawn.  This was a move from Shadowrun which seemed to be a […]

Edge of Space

Everyone seems to be doing this so I am jumping on the wagon.  Here are ten games that influenced my RPG career and a short idea as to why they […]