Reign of Winter on a budget!

Last night saw the sixth game of the Reign of Winter via Google+ Hangout occur.  It was also the lightest on that we have been for players since perhaps the […]

Finding my Fate with the C-Team

I have mentioned in one or two of my blogs that I happened across a game online one day of the Fate Core system.  Many of you may be unfamiliar […]

Gaming Over the Easter Break

Wow, I have been flat out this Easter break.  I am a teacher (in real life) and I got Good Friday to Easter Tuesday off this year and I have […]

Lover's Lament

The ship at dock This is the post I have most been wanting to make here ever since I started this blog.  My pirate ship is complete!!! (Well if you […]

The Penultimate Game - Serpent Skull

The final two modules of the Adventure Path Last night saw a marathon (yes +Christopher Hardy this one “actually” qualifies) of a game for our in person Serpent Skull adventure path.  We […]

The Traveller Crew Grows

It must be my awesome GMing…  OK, Just got over myself.  Last nights gaming hangout place to be in the Asia-Pacific region apparently was in my hangout.  I arrived, set […]

Read Your Stat Blocks Carefully!

Last night my in-person game entered the Sanctum of the Serpent God temple in an effort to disrupt whatever ritual may bring back the big bad.  The group had fought […]