If you are a long-term reader you have read posts by me talking about diceless systems.  Specifically Lords of Gossamer and Shadow which is based on the Amber diceless system.  […]

Maelstrom system

I was watching a post a few days ago where people talked about science-fiction role-playing games (RPG).  Sci-fi is so broad that most people believe there is no go-to game […]

smoke and mirrors

Hi players.  I am here to let you know how to destroy every Pathfinder or D&D game ever devised by your GM.  You can thank me later by breaking one […]


You will hear and read all the time about getting your game to live and breathe.  This is obviously a metaphor, but what for?  If you are new to role-playing and […]

Combat offers story

I read a post from Fern Kali of Ballgowns and Battleskirts blog about a game of Exalted.  The game seemed heavy with combat but brilliantly that combat just added layer […]


Last night saw the conclusion of another Paizo adventure path for Pathfinder.  It was a long session but the players managed to finally rid Golarion of the demonic Worldwound in […]