book and all rolled up

I would have put game 1 up as it used Syrinscape integrated with the Fantasy Grounds tabletop – but I managed to not record the player voices so I thought […]

dream thing

I have been a very busy individual of late running the store. ¬†But one thing that I have been missing is originality. ¬†Of the many games I run one of […]

Fragged Empire Kaltoran

It was November last year when RPG Knights ran an Australian focus and I had an entrant to that run for the game Fragged Empire. ¬†The name may be familiar […]

Games On Board Logo

I try to keep this blog separate to the business but there comes a line that you cross and it is just do or don’t – there is no try. […]


Sir Bulvar stared into the eyes of the creature. ¬†Metaphorically at least for its presence was now inside his own mind. ¬†It took every ounce of his will to hold […]


Telling a story through an RPG can be a lot like a “first person” adventure for the players. ¬†They control their pawn in an overall game and experience the story […]