Lover's Lament

The ship at dock This is the post I have most been wanting to make here ever since I started this blog.  My pirate ship is complete!!! (Well if you […]

The Penultimate Game - Serpent Skull

The final two modules of the Adventure Path Last night saw a marathon (yes +Christopher Hardy this one “actually” qualifies) of a game for our in person Serpent Skull adventure path.  We […]

Read Your Stat Blocks Carefully!

Last night my in-person game entered the Sanctum of the Serpent God temple in an effort to disrupt whatever ritual may bring back the big bad.  The group had fought […]

A Little Bit of Humble Pie

Thanks to Heath Lees and for myslice of humble pie today! I have been running a Play by e Mail game of Earthdawn since around the year 2000.  The game […]

Playing Online

I was so looking forward to a relaxing gameof RotR… So, after missing out on a prepared game this week of the Rise of the Runelords I was pretty down […]

GMing Via Google Plus Hangout

The system of “virtual tabletop” that Iam using in Google+ So, the long awaited moment arrived last night.  I launched my first ever international video game (I have been running […]

Taking a Break

Hi all!  By now regular readers understand that I am a Games Master (GM) through and through because I love the control!  Today’s blog is all about the need to […]

Great Game Last Night

I have been playing about with the idea of video recording one of our gaming sessions and last night when we wound things up I wished it had been that session. […]