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games I love - DCC

Kicking it OLD SCHOOL!  Seriously, ran out of time in the past fortnight to do much planning so I grabbed something that is seriously old school.  I will reveal the […]

games I love - DCC

The Fantasy Grounds Dice loved only one person last night.  Which made for a hilarious game that I absolutely loved GMing.  Check it out!

Painting of city split by canyon

A quick charge on a group of unknowns leads to an interesting dialogue which then sees the group in a deathly struggle against Dark Elves.  They win, but at what […]

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Sometimes “yes, and” or “yes, but”.  I had the absolute pleasure of listening to an actual play of Star Wars d6 RPG the other day that is on RPG Gamer […]

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I really felt that I got into the spirit of the game last night.  I did quite a bit of preparation for the game moving a lot of the critical […]

Pick me up post about my new supplement

Hi everyone, sorry that the site has been a bit quiet this week but I had to take a break after the August RPG A Day posts.  One a day […]

Painting of city split by canyon

Game last night went relatively well considering I only really had around half an hour to plan it.  We spent a bit of time catching people up who had not […]

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Fantasy RPG’s outnumber most other RPG’s by an absolute cargo ship load.  Today asks me what my favourite flavour of these choices are. Day 17: Favourite Fantasy RPG Mark: I […]