covers of commonwealth saga books Peter F Hamilton

I really have looked long and hard for a sci-fi RPG that suits precisely what I want and I have really struggled to find the perfect mix for me.  Most […]


Hi all.  Now that the site is back up and running I can report a little on what I was doing to manage my stress levels during that period of […]

Underwater combat image showing woman underwater

I will say up front that I am not exactly sure where this post will lead me but I need to write it anyway!  The Evan Jeshka posts have been […]

Cover of Little Black Book 1 from Classic Traveller

While I was playing 13th Age last night I was thinking about Traveller. In less than a week I will be playing the last of the 2014 Traveller games that […]

Cover of Little Black Book 1 from Classic Traveller

The fourth instalment in this years 6 part game that I am running.  Having liberated two rather unusual aliens the players seek to get off the asteroid and get them […]