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The Skinsaw Murders Are A Wrap

Last night saw the end of the second module in the Rise of the Runelords which means I am back in the GM seat next week with the Skull and […]

Totally in my Element

Last night’s game of Rise of the Runelords run by +Cam Mcloughlin had me perfectly in my element.  We headed to Foxglove Manor and found ourselves in the middle of a haunted […]

Back in the Player's Seat

Last night saw me trying out the old in-person games player side of the screen.  it was an unusual feeling to start off with but we soon got back into […]

The Return of the Skull and Shackles

Last night saw the first game back after an enforced break to our in-person Skull and Shackles Pathfinder game.  It was great!  Having the enforced break after a bad game […]

The Night of the Natural 1's!

The all time horror movie for players is the Night of the Natural 1’s and that is what my players all called last nights game at the Pathfinder Skull and […]

Taking a Break

Hi all!  By now regular readers understand that I am a Games Master (GM) through and through because I love the control!  Today’s blog is all about the need to […]