10 Influential Games

Everyone seems to be doing this so I am jumping on the wagon.  Here are ten games that influenced my RPG career and a short idea as to why they are influential to me…

1. Basic Dungeons & Dragons

D&D basic influential

I first saw an RPG while my cousin was visiting and he was planning an adventure using these books.  It was coincidentally the first game I ever ran as a Dungeon/Games Master too!

2. Super Squadron

My books – my lovely books

The all Australian Supers RPG that I still love and feel is the best supers game ever made.  I ran this game solidly for years in primary and high school.  Run a few games recently too!

3. James Bond RPG

James Bond RPG
James Bond RPG

I love the James Bond franchise and I also love RPG’s that are strong with one on one or one to many styles.  This game fits the bill.  Also, it has the best system for running pursuits I have ever seen.

4. MegaTraveller

One of the most fun games I was ever involved in as a player was MegaTraveller.  I had a drug-dealing psionicist embroiled in a love affair with a near-immortal alien.  I still think about those games today though they happened around thirty years ago.

5. Shadowrun

I would say a lot of my former gaming friends would remember me for running Shadowrun.  I remember when it came out we all had our minds blown by the concept of magic and machine.  Plus I loved cyberpunk.  I had to get my hands on this book and I did.  I ran it for years.

6. Earthdawn

Such a beautifully presented book

It is this game that I first really felt was my game.  I got it and loved it.  The setting and system seemed to speak to me.  I am a true believer that this game is one of the greatest that has ever been put to paper.

7. FATE Core

By pure accident, I walked into a game of FATE Core and it was this step that actually broadened my awareness into how prolific and brilliant the alternate RPG scene truly was.

8. Dungeon Crawl Classics

Free Dungeon Crawl Classics
My games from Knights Con A.K.A my birthday

Simply for being absolutely brilliant and absolutely simple.  I love this game for generic Fantasy.  No game even comes close to being this good for that genre.

9. Edge of Space

Edge of Space and Incident at Intrepid Station covers
My favourite Science Fiction RPG

This teeny tiny little game by Matt Jackson is one of the coolest space games out there.  I truly love its style and compactness.

10. Lords of Gossamer & Shadow

The diceless RPG that I wrote a sourcebook for.  I still love it today and wish I could get a regular game of it to the table.

There you have my influential game list – there is a heap more I want to add but I am sticking to ten.  I hope this inspires someone else to put up theirs too!

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