"Death is Inevitable"

So few obituaries… Saturday afternoon the five of us gathered around our normal gaming table to complete the battle that they had started from our last game and then investigate […]

Hi to all my readers.  This is just a quick note to let you know that you can now access my blog directly at www.thepathfinderchronicles.comThank you for reading 🙂

Free RPG Day Module

Good morning all!  I hope you have had an excellent Christmas and are looking forward to New Years Eve in a few days.  My Christmas was particularly good this year […]

Transformation of Play

The module and my notes book As promised, here is post two for the week which will discuss the game that we had on Tuesday night. As has been pointed […]

The Squeaky Wheel Gets The Oil

After liberally spreading the oil all through the week with our “squeaky wheel” syndrome (see last weeks post) we had our first game last night.  Unfortunately one of our group […]

Issues in Game

So, it was back to Serpent Skull this week.  The players were about ready to make their way into the “end game” portion of the module and while I enjoyed […]

To Mini or not to Mini?

Skeletons from the Pathfinder Battles pre-painted set I came to role playing through a family member of mine.  He never gave me a game but he did give me the […]

Designing the Ziggurat Part 2

So, last night the players finished the ziggurat that was the Hall of Human Beauty!  It was delayed a little (as we normally play Tuesdays) by my father stopping in […]

Designing the Ziggurat

OK, I have been quiet for a week but it is because I have been a busy little G.M. designing last nights game.  You will remember that the players last […]