March 2013

Lover's Lament

The ship at dock This is the post I have most been wanting to make here ever since I started this blog.  My pirate ship is complete!!! (Well if you […]

The Penultimate Game - Serpent Skull

The final two modules of the Adventure Path Last night saw a marathon (yes +Christopher Hardy this one “actually” qualifies) of a game for our in person Serpent Skull adventure path.  We […]

The Traveller Crew Grows

It must be my awesome GMing…  OK, Just got over myself.  Last nights gaming hangout place to be in the Asia-Pacific region apparently was in my hangout.  I arrived, set […]

Read Your Stat Blocks Carefully!

Last night my in-person game entered the Sanctum of the Serpent God temple in an effort to disrupt whatever ritual may bring back the big bad.  The group had fought […]

Technical Issues Abound

Last nights Reign of Winter game was meant to be the first “On Air” event that I had hosted and posted to YouTube after the game.  Unfortunately it appears that […]

A Little Bit of Humble Pie

Thanks to Heath Lees and for myslice of humble pie today! I have been running a Play by e Mail game of Earthdawn since around the year 2000.  The game […]

Last nights Reign of Winter hangout

Last night saw the second of my hangout games broadcast in the Reign of Winter campaign.  We had three new players join and one of the existing players could not […]