May 2013

Friday Fiction

OK, I had fun last time so I have decided to do this again.  Random story cubes and another random roll to come up with another story.  By the way […]

Getting Bogged Down in the Rules...

Last night’s Traveller game was a great one for me.  There was a fair bit of meta-planning (thinking about the bigger picture) from the players and I have started to […]

Come and watch my classic Traveller game Live from just after 8 P.M. Australian Eastern Standard Time!  It will be a bunch of laughs!

My Players Bling Up

I video taped last nights game and will put it up when I can afford the time of doing all the conversions etc. but I took some shots last night […]

Tuesday's Story Outline

Today I am feeling a little worn out.  Frayed at the edges, or as Bilbo would say “I feel thin, sort of stretched, like butter scraped over too much bread.”  So I […]

Finding the Rite Quality

I have been meaning to do this post for a little while now after I became involved in the Lords of Gossamer and Shadow Kickstarter.  In essence I want to highlight […]

Welcome to the Sandbox

This will be the last of my how to build a campaign world posts on my own site for a little while and in a funny way this one does […]

Top Down Design

Most of the experienced GM’s that I spoke to after my first blog post on Iron Tavern about campaign building tended to be more top down designers for their worlds […]