May 2013

I offer you my in person game

I said I would do it and last week I made my honourable daughter the chance to become camera girl for the night.  So below you can watch a bit […]

Building the History of Detritus

Many of you will recognise the fact that I am creating my own game called Detritus from previous posts.  Well, last night saw an awesome step forward in that it […]

Detritus Rule Set 0.1 Completed!

Well, I have had a busy week with having to get all my reports done for my students (I am a teacher in real life), running three games, blogging here, […]

Game Preparation

Today’s focus on GMing will be looking at something that largely comes down to style and personal choice in the GM.  There are loads of different ways to prepare for […]

Why Do I Prefer to GM Over Playing

The next few blogs that I do are likely to be very Games Master (GM) focussed as I have been requested by a loyal follower of the blog ( +Desiree Kaleopaa ) […]