September 2013

Serpent Skull, Aftermath!

Working on home brew material is always a good time for me.  I get to make things just how I want them and draw on all the influences that I […]

Making a Memorable Villain

I am working on several Pathfinder projects at the moment.  In one of these I would like to include a cool Villain that becomes a recurring pain in the players […]

Expanding Systems

I love the games I play.  Pathfinder, Traveller, FATE, Shadowrun, Demolished Ones, they are all good fun.  I get very excited when I hear there is material that will expand […]

The Skinsaw Murders Are A Wrap

Last night saw the end of the second module in the Rise of the Runelords which means I am back in the GM seat next week with the Skull and […]

Gaming Crossover to my Real Life

Computers pay my (and my families) way in life.  I used to be a manager and trainer for the Australian Government but I decided to change my life and do […]

Super Squadron Books

I have written a lot on my blog about Pathfinder, Traveller and Fate as well as some other games over time.  In my personal posts I have said time and […]