December 2013

Pathfinder NPC's: Willer Rainfern

Willer Rainfern ensures the balance is restored within the MwangiImage by Eireen, legalese at the bottom of the page. My parents are Mwangi tribes people.  They say that they found […]

When the Players Begin to Get It

Last night we finished the second module to the Reign of Winter adventure path (The Shackled Hut) in Pathfinder.  It was an exceptionally long game for our regular game sessions but […]

Rules? Huh!  What are they good for?

I was reading one of my friends comments of Google+ and he was opining his confusion on how many games (trading card, rpg’s etc.) have complicated rules systems and remain […]

Teaching's Big Break

Well, yesterday was the last day at my “big” job of teaching until 28 January 2014.  I now have some time to myself to get all those jobs done that […]