February 2014

An Awesome Change on Hero Sheets!

Just before the end of the year I did a review on an on-line Pathfinder character sheet product that has been introduced.  I loved the format and the appearance but […]

I did a quiz!  The result is below as is the link to the quiz.I Am A: Neutral Good Human Sorcerer (6th Level) Ability Scores:Strength-14Dexterity-15Constitution-12Intelligence-16Wisdom-15Charisma-19 Alignment:Neutral Good A neutral good […]

States of Disbelief

I have had this conversation more than once over my time on-line here in the wondrous inter-webs and I have to say that this really comes down to personal preference. […]

So I Made A Thing!

I was in a kickstarter recently and typically paid no attention to the stretch goals.  In fact I can’t even tell you what Kickstarter it was!  Anyhow, I get an […]

Mythic Adventures!

Last night we played our regular game of Pathfinder.  We have been playing a Mythic Campaign now for around 10 games and I am amazed that every time I plan […]