March 2014

Pathfinder NPC: Denthen of Andoran

Denthen – image has no copyright taken from BritishLibrary free image source Denthen is a Kasatha (Bestiary 4) seeking his way home to the planes that bases himself in Andoran […]

The Night of Mage Knight!

Last night we had a board game night as a break.  We played a couple of games of Dungeon! which was really great fun.  I died three times in it, nobody […]

Break Night

Mage Knight! As we finished up the destruction of Ydersius’ skull last week in Pathfinder we are swinging back toward the Skull and Shackles campaign again.  To have a bit […]

The Hand of God!

I am still reading Shadowrun and I have moved on to the Helps and Hindrances chapter.  I have read through the section on grunts and really like the use of them […]