June 2014

NPC Progression in Pathfinder

I am sure that one day, while I was reading one of my Pathfinder core rule books that I came across a rule that I really wanted to try.  It […]

Planets on Fire!

I am just under a week away from running my next instalment of Classic Traveller on-line.  I have restricted the sessions this year to 6 only and this episode will […]

Sad Days on the Fever Sea

One of my in-person players has called it a day for role-playing in the Skull and Shackles.  It is a real shame as his character was one of the ones […]

My Initial Reaction to 13th Age

I started reading 13th Age.  Largely due to +Aaron R‘s continuous stream of information and also +Ian Borchardt‘s mention that it is a very elegant looking game, though he is waiting for […]

Wealth of Ideas in Space

Last week I asked the question about how other people ran their sci-fi games and I got a great response from the community.  I have had a good think about […]

Reviewing 30 Mercenary Companies

I have come across one of the best little books that I have seen for my Pathfinder Campaigns in a long time.  It is called #30 Mercenary Companies written by Liz […]