September 2014

Pathfinder Encounters is moving to another day

Pathfinder Encounters is going to be trialled on a different day so if you came today looking for it you will find it is moving to Wednesday morning at 8 A.M. Australian Eastern Time which puts it sometime on a Tuesday afternoon for our American friends and late Tuesday evening early Wednesday morning for Europe and Asia.

The change in time allows for me to better manage my own time to get it out.  They always feel rushed to me and with this change I manage to give myself a good amount of lead in time to actually have some thinking and designing time.  I hope that this change will actually increase the quality of the entries and give you even more useful encounters ready for your table.

Sorry for any inconvenience. 0

DnD Player's handbook cover

I videoed my review of D&D 5E Players Handbook and posted it a couple of days ago.  If you watched it, (thank you very much!) you will know of the […]