October 2014

NPC matter

Yesterday’s post took a look at the reasons that I attribute to the degradation of NPC’s in the tabletop RPG industry.  It is crucial to note that this does not […]

Starter Set

NPC’s are often overlooked by characters as inconsequential and two dimensional.  A lot of the time they are and should be no more than that.  Take for example the thronging crowd […]


Last night’s game was one that I will remember for a while.  It is the night I really got the dragon right and the players had to get inventive to […]

How RG's Helped me

I just had to write a short post today.  Last night we managed to finish of the Reign of Winter Frozen Stars module and so we move on to the […]

pedagogy and RPGs

Pedagogy – the monster that is going to teach you a lesson. If this is a word you have not heard before that is OK. It is a word that […]

Cover of Little Black Book 1 from Classic Traveller

While I was playing 13th Age last night I was thinking about Traveller. In less than a week I will be playing the last of the 2014 Traveller games that […]