Modules were a new media to me

The internet is a wondrous place full of stories of unicorns, fantasy surrealism and loads of applications that can make my games a better experience for my players and I. […]

The R Must Stand For Rugby

In my freshman year of college (or university, to you non-Americans), I played rugby. It’s not a common sport in the US; prior to that, I’d had no particular inclinations […]

son unit

Yesterday saw it time to play RuneQuest with the Son unit.  The daughter unit had managed to get herself some work so would not be gaming with us this week. […]

NPC matter

Yesterday’s post took a look at the reasons that I attribute to the degradation of NPC’s in the tabletop RPG industry.  It is crucial to note that this does not […]

Starter Set

NPC’s are often overlooked by characters as inconsequential and two dimensional.  A lot of the time they are and should be no more than that.  Take for example the thronging crowd […]


Last night’s game was one that I will remember for a while.  It is the night I really got the dragon right and the players had to get inventive to […]