January 2015

How RG's Helped me

Most adventures that I read these days are wilderness adventures or caverns and the like.  On the opposite side of things when I first started playing AD&D (2nd Edition) it […]


Very few games that I have come across want to handle the effects of ego in a game.  When I say ego I am talking about the idea of how […]


The final race of the Detritus game is highlighted today.  The largest threat of the game come from the Consumers. Consumers The last of the races to arrive in Detritus […]


Another of the races for the Detritus game.  I have been quite pleased at the response to these so I have decided to show all the races here.  Tomorrow will […]


Another of the races that make up the game of Detritus.  It is written from the perspective of a Forgotten, which to us is another human, known as the King […]