January 2015

Jugo portal Jeff Brown

Here is the write-up for one of the races of the Detritus game that I am finishing off.  If you are interested in other posts on the subject, have a […]

hosted murder

Well, my weekend is over and I am dead tired on a Monday morning.  However, what a good weekend it was.  The house that we stayed at was fantastic and […]


So I will largely be away from the interwebs all weekend as I won a weekend away (Friday and Saturday night) for five couples at a nice Rock inspired Bed […]

Random dungeon

So, I am not sure I showed it here but I did a random dungeon using the Dungeon Master Guide from 5E.  It was just the rooms and corridors that […]

dice in pedagogy of teaching programming

Role-playing is a hobby and it is a hobby that can be played in numerous ways.  I like role-playing a character more than rolling the dice for a character because […]

detailed rpg products

All of the people I used to game with know how serious I take my gaming and occasionally that pays off for me when I get random texts from old […]

Sci-Fi RPG work

I always go on holidays for the summer break (about 6 weeks in Australia) with the grand idea that I will run a lot of one shots and get involved […]


So, a while ago, I set the challenge of anyone coming up with a creature concept that I would have a go at making it and mapping it out.  It […]