February 2015

blogs I read

I like to write.  You may have noticed by now that I am a little verbose at times.  But I recently got asked about the blogs that I like to […]

GM Tools

I read a blog on the Contessa website about the GM tools that the writers and GM’s of Contessa use to make their games.  It is a really interesting read […]

free stuff page

I have been talking to a few experienced bloggers in the blogosphere about how to make my blog more user friendly and I have been given some fantastic ideas!  One […]

How RG's Helped me

I was over at the Troll Dens blog looking for something interesting to read and I found this post simply saying that simple is the best.  It was a short, […]

DM support group

So, here I was, feeling all sorry for myself thinking that no one reads what I write and balancing the fate of the blog when I receive an email.  It […]

Free Dungeon Crawl Classics

Hi all!  I finally got it finished.  My first attempt at a free Dungeon Crawl Classics adventure that I built on top of Matt Jackson’s awesome map.  It is entitled […]

Free dungeon

Here is an adventure for you to take advantage of.  i am not going to give any back story to this dungeon as it is something then that you can […]