April 2015

woman looking at soup of mosters

Last night I was watching Daredevil on Netflix seeing I have seen little else apart from Daredevil and Star Wars in my social medias.  I begrudgingly admit that it has […]

Pick me up post about my new supplement

Woke up very early this morning.  Felt a little bad because I have pretty well run two TPK’s in three days and it is all of my own design.  Went […]


Way back during the days of D&D 3.5, they came out with a book called Weapons of Legacy. It was pretty neat, but flawed. Just look around the internet and […]

die roller

I was sitting down yesterday and for the four hundreth time whilst designing I thought to myself; Damn, I need my d30 again! But this time, rather than just accepting […]