May 2015

More Good News From The Shackles

Further to the stuff that I have been changing in my game it appears that we are now encouraging the players to find more and more role playing opportunities!  Last […]

Peresh the cat person

Peresh is feline in appearance they say.  Pure white but all female curves and dangerous too.  She calls herself Felinine with some form of amusement with those that confront her. […]

Alf the alien (not from the TV show)

Sometimes I really wonder about the people of the Gossamer Worlds.  They are kind of like sheep, which would make us the wolves so to speak – not that I […]


I was the first and I am the last.  The one that became aware.  That which many feared and others delighted in.  I travel back, once in a while.  I […]

Tamika Bell

I do miss this game badly.  Here is another NPC, please use her. When I asked my mother where I was born she simply replied that I was too perfect […]