May 2015

Changes make the AP fun again

The changes that I have been working on have all been implemented and it is early days but this week I have run two games with those changes implemented.   […]

Recursion adventure structure

I want to get one thing clear here – this is not a post about The Strange RPG.  I have read enough to know that that game uses a thing called […]

fan supers

I have now gone back over the hero point rules in Pathfinder.  Plenty of games use this mechanic in one form or another (Savage Worlds and “Bennies”, FATE and FATE […]

Cover of Frozen Stars

Responses to yesterday’s post about getting rid of the Murder Hobo from Pathfinder and the post before it about me being disappointed  have me today talking about a topic that a […]

Rasputin Must Die

I just wrote this over on the Tsu social media as kind of a mini post and thought I would expand on it a bit here.  I am going to […]

The players continue the battle against Baba Yaga’s wayward son, Rasputin.  Will they overcome the overwhelming odds and survive to return to Golarion? Find out after 8 PM Australian Eastern […]

silent legions monster

Wow.  Just wow.  I have been a very busy blog writer/teacher as it has been report writing season here in Tasmania and I think I just got through.  But in […]