August 2015

Big crowd

Well, this was a pretty easy one too… Day 31: Favourite non-RPG thing to come from RPGing Mark: Another easy answer here and that answer is all of you.  I […]

Picture of Vin Diesel with Groot

Well, I think this is probably the easiest question I have had to answer all month, and it is likely to be a few peoples answer I imagine. Day 30: […]

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There are probably two blogs that I frequent the most at this point in time and I can’t pick between them so you are going to have to put up […]

Doctor Who Adventures in Time and Space Fourth Doctor Sourcebook

For the first time in over two years of having this game I ran my first game of Doctor Who: Adventures In Space and Time last night.  I ran a […]

Mechwarrior cover

Favourite game I no longer play.  I have a few that fit day 28’s brief but I will take a variant look at this question. Day 28: Favourite game you […]

Mash Up words

This one is an odd little question but lets see where it takes us. Day 27: Favourite Idea for Merging Two Games Into One Mark: Let us turn two games […]

Bronze statue of naked female muse running free

So – what is my muse for games? This is a difficult question to answer… Day 26: Favourite inspiration for your game Mark: I have always loved the idea of […]

cover of the hardback first edition earthdawn book

Favourite revolutionary game mechanic?  Well that isn’t controversial at all is it!  What I find revolutionary probably noone else is going to… Day 25: Favourite Revolutionary Game Mechanic Mark: Last […]

Cover of the Deniable role playing game

Deniable is a new game surrounding the idea of British Spies.  Specifically unwitting spies that have been approached on the street by the Organisation.  On the cover it is espoused […]