August 2015

RPG A Day 2015 list

Day 24 is a tricky little question, lucky I have been playing around with my game recently. Day 24: Favourite House Rule Mark: Well, this is a fairly easy question […]

Image of serious me

Ooooh that is a tricky question – who is the evil genius behind this again? Day 21: Perfect Game For You Mark: Perfect game for me? Hmm… I am going […]

New Campaign behind screen

Well, if we are talking the perfect gaming environment we may need to be a little on the excessive side… Day 22: Perfect Gaming Environment Mark: I was going to […]

RPG A Day 2015 list

This is a quirky little question that had the chance to possibly turn me inside out… Day 21: Favourite RPG Setting Mark: Lords of Gossamer and Shadow is a cheat […]

RPG A Day: Day 20

Day 20 is a bit of a no brainer also.  I do like the easy ones – they make the harder ones all the more sweeter… Day 20: Favourite Horror RPG […]

Super Squadron Books

Thank goodness today’s post is much easier than yesterdays.  I sort of got caught up in the problems I have been having with my sci-fi and went a little over […]

Painting of city split by canyon

Game last night went relatively well considering I only really had around half an hour to plan it.  We spent a bit of time catching people up who had not […]

covers of commonwealth saga books Peter F Hamilton

I really have looked long and hard for a sci-fi RPG that suits precisely what I want and I have really struggled to find the perfect mix for me.  Most […]