October 2015

Australian Flag

November is only a day away and it is also Game Design Month at RPG Knights and I am keen to highlight the goodly game designers of Australia!  If you […]

Movie poster for Powder

I had a discussion with Cameron Corniuk on the weekend and due to that conversation I realised I have an RPG prejudice.  It is not something that I consciously think […]

Pumped for AMP Year One

Recently, Mark asked for me to review Amp: Year One, a superhero game created by Eloy Lasanta and Third Eye Games. Now, Mark and I are good friends, so when […]

Cover of Shadowrun module Queen Euphoria

I have had a very busy week so far and so when it came to dealing with the Shadowrun game last night I decided that I was going to take […]

Cover of Chthonian Highways

I have seen the cover of this being bandied around Google+ a lot of recent weeks.  People are excited by the unknown creatures of a Lovecraft like world being married […]

Man with sword facing woman with gun

Third game of Shadowrun for face to face group saw us down to three players due to one having to go away to some sunny resort or something.  The group […]

Cover of Day Trippers

I was contacted by As If Productions to put their game system, Day Trippers, onto the Games On Board store.  Tod Foley and I have had a bit of a […]

games I love - DCC

The Fantasy Grounds Dice loved only one person last night.  Which made for a hilarious game that I absolutely loved GMing.  Check it out!