Era relevant artwork of man playing Ukelele to a woman

I am taking a couple of days break away from our Australian celebration (it will return tomorrow) to give a hat tip to the creator of Malandros, a game about […]

games I love - DCC

Kicking it OLD SCHOOL!  Seriously, ran out of time in the past fortnight to do much planning so I grabbed something that is seriously old school.  I will reveal the […]

Era the Empowered Rules Primer

Currently Ed Jowett of Shades of Vengeance has a Kickstarter in operation.  It is for a supers based RPG that uses the Era D10 system.  The Kickstarter can be found […]

Cover of Powerframe

A fellow Tasmanian, Craig Judd has created Powerframe – a universal RPG. Tell us who you are and what you have designed? I’m Craig Judd, a game designer and RPG […]