Legends of Earthdawn

Surely this post is asking me to pick out my favourite book that supports a game.  I am sure there are a bunch of posts out there about rangers and […]

Storypath Cards

A mystery for me in a game is generally something that even I am unaware of its potential.  As a Games Master (GM) I love to be surprised in the […]


This one is a little tough to write about actually.  Again, I feel that the friendships I have had in this hobby have almost been blown to the winds.  Of […]

Examine : RPG a Day 2019

I think this post is likely to compliment my previous one in this series.  When I read the word examine there is only one thing that I can think of […]

Focus : RPG a Day 2019

This is one that I thought would be a breeze but when I have come to it I am going to head on a different tack than I initially thought […]

Critical : RPG A Day 2019

We are slowly getting through them – I may even get caught up by the time the end of the weekend rolls around.  It is not a critical endeavour though […]

Obscure : RPG a Day 2019

Well, what should I do with this one?  I am torn a little between two role-playing game items so I think I am going to cop out and mention them […]

Familiar : RPG a Day 2019

Well, today I am going to show my ignorance!  Familiar will probably bring out a lot of people telling you about games that they relate to but not me.  I […]

Ancient : RPG a Day 2019

This is a nice flow on from the Space post.  You see, Traveller as a game in all its forms has as much background as you want to use in […]

Weird space

Quite honestly, I think I love space games the best.  I have played a slew of them in my role-playing game career and I can never get enough of them.  […]