Ben O’Neal, Revered of all the Lands

Ben O’Neal is righting the wrongs of the past and bringing us his tabletop RPG.

The cover of Ben O'Neal's Scarlet Wake
The cover of Ben O’Neal’s Scarlet Wake

Tell us who you are and what you have designed?

I’m Ben O’Neal, and I’m a web developer, graphic designer, photographer, artist, musician, and game designer.

I designed a tabletop RPG called Scarlet Wake about 11 years ago, but never released it beyond a public playtest. Now I’m remedying that mistake, and planning to release a new and improved version.

Hmmm… I have quite a few games that never saw the light of day – let me go rooting around in some boxes and see what I can salvage…

What is it that makes you want to design games?

I love the challenge of making things that other people enjoy, and surprising them with unique experiences.

Sweet work – always good to make others happy through play.

What are the games that inspire you most?

Heroquest, Monster Hearts, Ars Magica, The Riddle of Steel

I┬áseriously need to take a look at Monster Hearts – it gets a lot of love and I have never layed my eyes on a copy.

What makes Australian games different from others?

I can’t speak for all Australians, but personally, I think my games are more blunt and politically-incorrect as a result of my Aussie heritage.

Well, thinking about the game that most people associate with Australia (Hunter Planet) that may in fact be incredibly true.

Where can we get your games from?

Presently, nowhere ­čÖü

But I hope to fix that very soon.

Please do!

Are you working on anything at the moment?

Besides getting Scarlet Wake ready for imminent release, I have three other RPGs in the works, one very nearly complete, and four card games, again, one nearly complete.

Very prolific.

Anything else you would like to mention?

I’m just starting out, so any and all exposure is highly desirable. Scarlet Wake is in Open Beta Playtest right now, and can be downloaded and playtested here

Those that love the roleplaying – get in on the action – download and take a look – I already have ­čÖé

One more to go at this stage unless someone signs on for another profile in the next 24 hours.  Keep rolling!

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