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Hi all.  As many of you would know I work full time as a teacher along with writing for my blog.  Not only that I run three games and participate as a player in one.  I write for one or two other blogs also on a regular and not so regular basis appropriately.  Last week I have also started a part time Bachelor of Education Degree and this is putting a severe strain on my schedule (as I am also doing a part time course to attain a training and evaluation certificate as well).

Please help… Need sleep… 🙂

I write a post on my blog practically on a daily basis and this takes time.  What I would like to do is share the load a little so that I can pay attention to my course fully when I have to without pulling back on the commitment I have given to the readers of this blog.  The Pathfinder Chronicles blog started in October last year and every month it has built on the number of unique views every month to the point that this month will see nearly 8000 individual views on the blog for the month.  It is also increasing at the rate of around 1000 – 1500 views per month without sign of slowing down currently.

So I am calling for people who would be interested in writing a blog or two here and there or even on a regular basis for me.  You will decide the topic.  Although the site is named The Pathfinder Chronicles I talk about lots of different systems so you can treat it as a generic RPG blog and write about the system you have expertise in.  I have found that the popular blogs tend to be the ones that I write about RPG’s in a generic sense anyway.  I would love to see someone who wants to write from a newbie perspective or a player perspective that plays regularly but really I will consider anything.

So, what do I want you to do?  If you want to write blogs for me simply send me an email to my gmail account which is mark.knights AT gmail DOT com.  Let me know what you are interested in writing and I will get back to you.  It is not a guarantee as I will want to see a sample of writing (which is likely to become your first post) and we will go from there.

I can’t pay you anything, nor even promise you fame and glory but I will be forever grateful.  If any of my planned RPG products take off then I will guarantee you a copy of each.  Legally speaking the work will remain yours to do with as you will although I will assume that by submitting it for this purpose that you are happy for it to be displayed here for as long as the website continues.

Thank you very much for reading my humble request.  I hope some of you are keen to take up the challenge of writine for the blog.  But to everyone, keep rolling!

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