A Death in the Crew and a new Ship Mate Next Week!

Last night saw a triumphant return to the Skull and Shackles with all ship’s crew and captain aboard for the journey!  It was great to have an in person game again after a fortnight away from it and it was good to have all sailors ship shape and ready to role play.

The crew (after “cracking the rock”) have taken their new ship back to Rickety Hake’s squibbing operation and got it beefed up.  They purchased a couple of items on the way and also managed to get their disrepute and infamy up to 17 so they are champing at the bit to reach twenty and perhaps head into the Shackles to become fully fledged pirates!

The Newly Christened “Blackheart”

They decided to sail back to Tidewater Rock to check on the holdings before going forth into the Shackles.  Unfortunately on the way the night crew were interrupted by a giant moray eel that started to pick the sailors off one at a time.  The officers ran to their aid and the Tengu summoner Claude was dragged overboard by the beast.

A long battle short, Claude was unfortunately consumed by the giant eel and his body parts were collected by the Captain.  At sea they talked about their options and decided to head to Bloodcove to reincarnate their fallen companion.

They rolled on the Mark Knights extended reincarnation chart and Claude was turned into a Wayang!  I had no real idea what a Wayang was but Claude was now one of them and the remainder of the game was spent adjusting his character to the changes.  The Wayang turns out to be a little cooler than I thought!

So that is how things are shaping up for the next game.  Excepting that I was forwarded a message from a gentleman who had posted a request for a game in the Pathfinder communities on Google +.  He was looking for a game in my area which is amusing as I live in rural Tasmania and probably one of the least likely places to find someone who wants to play!  So the crew will grow by one as of next week.  Until then, keep rolling!

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