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Cameron Corniuk, Katelyn Sweigart, Mark Knights, Desiree Kaleopaa and Evan Jeshka

We all love role playing games here at RPG Knights.  Here is a bit about the writers here from my perspective.

Cameron Corniuk

Cameron is a great guy with a lot of ideas about gaming.  In real life he has a family and three children to contend with.  Cameron and I chat a lot and we tend to have similar ideas about a lot of things, but sometimes we can be sooo different too.  Cameron is also involved in Giant Dragons and has published several pieces in the industry.  He introduced me to FATE Core when I accidentally fell into their hangout and we have been good friends ever since.

Katelyn Sweigart

Katelyn is brilliant.  Fun, bright and full of really cool ideas.  I met Katelyn on Google+ a long time ago and I became a little fascinated with her varied interests.  She shared a podcast of their Pathfinder game and it was very cool.  I then followed some of the stuff that she was posting and when I realised that I was going to open a blog I reached out and she agreed to write for the post where she can.  Her posts are great and tend to always fall in the zone of “Things Mark would never ever think of” so I am very grateful to her contributions.

Mark Knights

Me.  Well, many of you probably already know a lot about me!  I own the blog and do a lot of writing here.  I am a little scattered over the games I play and tend to get a little bored of games and have to try the next best thing.  In reality I am a teacher who is trying to become a Friendly Local Game Store owner.  I do have an online store that is growing called Games On Board where I would love for you to come and look around.  I have a wife and three children.  My wife used to game, but not anymore and my two youngest role play too so we are a bit of a gaming family.

Desiree Kaleopaa

Desiree is probably the person amongst us who has the least gaming experience and that is brilliant for the blog!  To start with Desiree kept writing in questions and they really made me think about things and provided for great blogs!  Then when I decided to move everything to RPG Knights I knew that I had to convince her to write from her perspective and her posts are great.  Desiree does a mixture of gaming and also running games.  She runs games for a gaming club in her local library which her and her brother had a strong part in the set up of.  Brilliant things come from Desiree and I am so happy to call her one of our writers.

Evan Jeshka

Evan was a writer for us only briefly but I always have a spot for her if she ever wanted to come back.  I met Evan through my Reign of Winter game and she has mad skills as a role player.  The thing about Evan is that she had not really had any experience of the big name games until she met Pathfinder with us but she has a lot of experience with games.  She is clever, funny and brilliant so make sure you look up her posts.  They are excellent.

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