American Gothic the TV Show

When I was in my early 20’s there was a TV show starring Garry Cole and Lucas Black that was centred around a southern American town and an evil (probably supernatural) Sheriff and his attempt to gain access to his illegitimate child.  It was a high drama/horror show about the depravities of people and the weakness of spirit while light fights the inevitability of darkness.

Getting all horrified!

The show ran for a single season and was critically acclaimed at the time but the producers or network or someone decided that they would not run another season of it.  That was really disappointing because it really was a well made show.  A few years back I found the season on DVD and bought it to watch again.  When I am ever considering running a horror game I always grab the metal box and drag out a couple of the DVD’s to watch as this series really does do a lot right.

The plots are great and transferable to practically any setting.  The overall plot would make a great campaign.  It is a pity it did not run for the envisioned length of the show so I could find out what the planned (if there was such a thing) conclusion was to the series.  It is like whenever I am considering a new idea for my Classic Traveller game I run a few episodes of Firefly to inspire the creative juices.

I write about this because I am currently sitting in front of American Gothic again considering running a horror game in November for Aethercon, an on-line convention apparently.  I have not run a con game this year and as I enjoy the cons I thought I would participate in that one before the year was over.  I am thinking of running a horror game, probably in FATE Core system for it.  I will also be running a Classic Traveller (or perhaps Edge of Space) game and a Lords of Gossamer and Shadow game.

While I am sitting here in front of this long defunct TV show I wondered what old TV shows or movies are my readers must watches to get inspired.  Let me know in the comments!  I might find something new to get inspired about!  Keep rolling.

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