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This is a nice flow on from the Space post.  You see, Traveller as a game in all its forms has as much background as you want to use in it.  There is a great detailed setting if you want, or it can be the bare-bones space game that you just put your slant on.  The one thing that I loved about the setting that was hinted at through all editions were the Ancient ones.


The Ancients are a mystery to be found in the game.  A civilization that existed before the expansion of the other races in space.  Ancient ruins are found throughout the multiple galaxies presented in the game.  They are places of wonder, discovery and technological wonders.  Throw your mind back to a point where there were not too many science fiction movies about.  Think about when the movie Alien had just been released. Imagine the wonder of those crew that found the space ship piloted by such huge and ancient creatures mummified in their flight seats.

That sense of wonder is the reverence that I hold for the Ancients in Traveller.  Surely it is that feeling of discovery that would fill a space traveller who had found an immense and ancient discovery.  Who are these creatures and how did they know so much?  Why are they no longer here when they were so advanced?  All of these questions build intrigue and I think that it is these questions that make them so fascinating today.

If you love a good game of intrigue, why don’t you consider Traveller?  Build some discoveries around the Ancients and watch the game blossom as players become more and more intrigued!  Keep rolling…

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  1. I love games about “Ancients” too. Hadn’t seen Traveller in that light – played it once a long, long time ago and we had one session that seemed to mostly be arguing about what we were going to do. Would love to revisit it with a different group (specifically, a different GM…)


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