And the game begins…

Up until last week the game has been designed around the players becoming comfortable with their characters  The setting was a comfortable fantasy stereotype.  It had some alternative material to prepare them for the change and last week saw them embrace the new from the old.

The blossoming

The tree on the mountain bloomed and I allowed the players to sort their own responses to this.  Some retreated indoors whilst others, overcome with curiosity, ventured out on to the streets to discover the mystery.  Most of the players were aware that there was a change on the horizon for the game and they voluntarily pursued it.

Quick deaths

Those that pursued the mystery and those that hid from it were all enticed to face it.  A plague of robotic like creatures ripped through the circus whilst on the outskirts a Summoner and his Eidolon sought to steal souls from these creatures. In game terms the Summoner had identified the players as desirable additions for his employer.  He sought them out so that the robotic creatures, there for a different reason, did not take them first.

How I would have loved my own character’s eidolon to be

I am a dab hand at making a tough Eidolon and as such it was rare for an opponent to stand more than a round against this beast.  I had always regretted making the Eidolon of my own character (read about them here) a bipedal creature.  The serpentine creature from Mirror Mirror was much more in keeping with what I would have liked to create.  I rectified that with this build and created a truly nightmarish thing.

The Dreamlands

Awaiting their passage into their afterlives each character soul received a call to return.  It was the players final point to get off the train and make a new character but all returned.  They arrived in the Dreamlands.  It is my setting, but heavily influenced by Rite Publishing’s Coliseum Morpheoun and Faces of the Tarnished Souk. These are two awesomely vibrant products that inspired my own devices and this campaign.

My own style of dream burning and rules of engagement has been explained to the players and they are now teetering on the edge of adventures that will traverse the lands of dream.  Perhaps they will find their own lands here, or perhaps they may flee back to the Prime Material plane, fleeing the madness here.

New rules

My own style of rules and benefits for the players that support role playing and setting have been implemented.  The full set of the rules are available at the $5 level of my Patreon.  They involve the players being able to manipulate the dreams of themselves and others.  At the moment they are a base level set of rules that will expand as they spend their time in the Dreamlands.

The game is well attended and is engaging.  I have the players offering compliments after each game and the happenings are part ofconversations in store.  I can’t wait to broaden this game in the future.  Until next time, keep rolling!


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