I am a teacher of grade 11 and 12 students. I teach them Computer Science and other IT related subjects including gaming. I am an avid Tabletop RPG player and designer and hope to one day make my living in that industry. I have been playing games, mainly as the Game Master for nearly 30 years.

Pathfinder Core rulebook image

So, I am a little scattered at the moment.  I had a change of work, now employing myself and have had to adult a lot recently.  So, not had much […]

Gamemastery Guide PF2E Review

Finally, the wait is over.  I have been reading the Gamemastery Guide now for what seems forever.  Technically it was so I can truly go full speed on the design […]

Creating New Campaigns

Ok, I still have not finished the Gamemastery Guide but I have made some good progress.  You can make a note on your calendar or in your journals that the […]

Fantasy Maps

Hi all.  no Pathfinder 2E Gamemastery Guide review again this week.  I have been building my online game to play a supers game.  I have also been reading the Gamemastery […]