Axe of the Sun and Scimitar of the Moon

Many suns and moons ago I created a free Dungeons and Dragons fifth edition adventure.  It is not often used from the statistics of the site but some wander there and use it.  You can take a look at the adventure here and use it if you will.  Last week I got a comment on the page from someone that took the adventure and wants to make something larger out of it.  Particularly the sentient weapon mentioned in it, the Axe of the Sun.  In that entry I make comment about the Axe having a sister weapon that it cannot stand, the Scimitar of the Moon.  At the time it was meant to be a hook that another DM could pick up with and develop but I have been asked to detail the Scimitar.  So that is what I did!  In fact, this post gives the history as to how they came to be, expands the Axe with some personality traits and finally brings the Scimitar of the Sun to life.

Feel free to use these items in your own campaigns.  They are created using the Greek pantheon of gods (my favourites) but with some tweaks can be adjusted to any pantheon.


The Axe of the Sun and Scimitar of the Moon are sister artifacts created from the same piece of ore that fell to the heavens.  The angel Gavreel sought to create weapons that could be gifted to mortals in a gesture of good will for the worship that the Gods had received.  They were handed to Paladins of the order of Apollo and to the High Priestess of Hecate.  The Angel Gavreel was believed to be bewitched by the beauty of the High Priestess, but in reality was truly in love with her.  As such Gavreel adorned the Scimitar of the Moon with lavish attention.  It truly was the beauty of both weapons, though the Axe of the Sun was a stunning piece in its own right.

Scimitar of the moon
The Scimitar of the Moon

From this crafting the spirits called to reside in the Axe of the Sun formed a jealousy focused on the Scimitar of the Sun for its perceived favoritism.  Once in the hands of the mortals the weapons caused division among the mortals as opposed to the peace they were designed to create.  The wars of the Sun and the Moon were fought for over eight years.  It is believed that the Axe of the Sun used its powers to dominate her wielder and lead the battle against the witches of Hecate.  The wars ended only when the High Priestess took her temples underground, seemingly vanishing from the surface lands for ever more.

Scimitar of the Moon

Personality Traits: Wise, Sneaky, Sarcastic
Intelligence: 7  Wisdom: 18  Charisma: 11 Alignment Chaotic Evil

  • Communicates using emotional empathy
  • Hearing and darkvision out to 120’
  • The blade believes that its destiny is to be wielded by Hecate herself and seeks to find the Goddess to achieve this
  • +1 weapon unless in moonlight and then it is a +3 weapon with the abilities of a dancing sword
  • The Scimitar is conceited and often demands to be the only weapon the wielder carries
  • Seeks those in power to wield it
  • Has a sister weapon (Axe of the Sun) that it feels is beneath it
Axe of the sun
Axe of the Sun

Axe of the Sun

Personality Traits: Pious, lame, sick
Intelligence: 13  Wisdom: 12  Charisma: 12  Alignment: Chaotic Good

  • Communicates using emotional empathy
  • has hearing and darkvision out to 120′
  • Seeks to defend the followers of Apollo
  • +1 normally but in full sunlight is a +3 weapon of warning
  • Is distracted by beauty
  • Honesty is of the utmost importance to it
  • Beauty and independence are its ideals
  • Has a sister weapon (Scimitar of the Moon) that it is insanely jealous of

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  1. Just ah, borrowed your “Free 5E Adventure” myself tonight. Will probably run it soon. Thanks for the work you put into it, and following up with the weapons.


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